TopTechnoEvents is an online performance marketing company specializing in driving ticket sales to electronic music events of love and unity through several online channels such as media buying, our social media playground, internal/direct marketing & affiliation with awesome promoters and fabulous industry news blogs, exciting influencers & portals.

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Easy integration

Our bewitching system can easily be integrated with any ticket sales platform without ever actually handling the ticketing itself. Our primary SMM channels are obviously the worlds playground aka - Facebook and Instagram; however, we will combine them with an omnichannel strategy to acquire and cross new awesome and interesting bordered audiences adequately.

Zero service fee!

We will cost-effectively generate satisfactory results for relatively small new brands, well-established events, or festivals through personalized preferences. Our resources and efforts come at a zero service fee by exclusively relying on payments generated from actual ticket sales. Yep, free! How totally out of this world are we?!

Personally tailored solutions:

We work with each event personally and closely to keep its brand and spirit in our marketing campaign and strategy. With our targeting cross-platform solutions we will help you reach the right chic and hip audience for your next divine event.

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with one of our booking managers to unveil your next ample opportunity.

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